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Oretha Cecelia Charpy King

Oretha Cecelia Charpy King was born on New Year’s Day, January 1, 1969 in Pouhbli, Gbarzon District Grand Gedeh County, Republic of Liberia. Her father was once a general clan chief of the Gbao Chiefdom in Gbarzon District, Grand Gedeh County, Liberia.

At a tender age, Cecelia attended the Pourbli Elementary School from 1972 until 1974. Then she transferred her studies to the Zleh Borkay Elementary and Junior High School in Zleh Town, Gbarzon District, Grand Gedeh County. After receiving her junior high school certificate, Cecelia moved to Zwedru to attend the Zwedru Multilateral High School. She graduated from the Zwedru Multilateral high school in 1988.

With the Liberian civil war on the horizon, Cecelia unwittingly moved to Monrovia, the Liberian capital to attend the University of Liberia. Unfortunately, war broke out. She was forced to flee into exile into the Ivory Coast and stayed in the Guiglo area for many years.

In an attempt to further her education and sharpen her living skills, Cecelia moved to Ghana in 2001. There, she enrolled in a vocational trade school where she graduated as a seamstress. Her many skills and talents were seen by many Liberians at home and abroad.

When peace finally returned to Liberia, Cecelia moved back home in 2012. Two years later in 2014, she got married to Mr. Eddie King in April of 2014.

Still hoping to have that style of life she deserved, Cecelia moved to the United States on November 2, 2016. She stayed in the Columbia, Missouri area for two years and moved to Des Moines in 2018.

Throughout her life, Cecelia has always been a family person, smiling every time she saw someone.

Cecelia has had four children from a previous marriage. Unfortunately, only Massa Dennis – T-Girl, is the only surviving child. She is also survived by her husband, Eddie King, a granddaughter, Celia and two sisters, Esther Charpy and Jestina Charpy and brother Brown C. Charpy. Cecelia was predeceased by another, brother, Bestman R. Charpy and sister Daisy Charpy. There’s a host of other relatives and friends that will miss Cecelia’s smiles, gestures and uncanny advice to life.



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