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Lois Ann (L.A.) Holmes

In the late 1980s Lois Ann (L.A.) Holmes of Des Moines, Iowa with an animal science degree from Iowa State University under her belt, packed her earthly belongings in her car and a trailer with her motorcycle and spare tires, and took off to fulfill her dream of farming on the Last Frontier, meaning Alaska.

In Alaska her love gradually turned to the water, and she ended up with a captain's license, sailing from the smallest to the largest ships in the world through tight passages and wherever the Alaskan waters would take her. Through the years that have passed, Lois Ann has traveled the world, putting in a year in 3rd world countries on the Youth with a Mission hospital ship Anastasis, a refurbished luxurious cruise liner. Lois Ann has taken on different assignments and jobs all over the world and has left a legacy, wonderful memories, uncountable inspirations and encouragements coupled with joy and happiness, absolutely too numerous to count.

She was a great inspiration and left our heart's broken but with the joy of having known her and the love and strength that she exuded throughout her lifetime.

She left us on October 1st, 2021, being struck down in a vehicle pedestrian accident while on one of her beloved early morning walks, and went on to pursue her next adventures.

She will be sorely missed but her love and inspiration buoys us up and on!

Her memorial service, delayed due to covid, will be held on Saturday, July 9th, 2022, on Coney Island, Alaska.

She was preceded in death by her father Dayton J. Holmes, and leaves behind three siblings, Ruth, James, Mark, and her mother, Lucile, plus many relatives and uncountable friends all over the world.

Her memory, inspiration, and love will be with us forever, for which we are eternally grateful to her.

Here are two of her encouraging sayings to remember: "REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES" and "LIFE IS SO UNBELIEVABLY GOOD". Thank you, Lois Ann (L.A.) precious to us all.❣

Greetings and memorials may be sent to the Merle Hay Funeral Home, attn Holmes Family. 4400 Merle Hay Rd. Des Moines IA 50310.


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