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Jenny Muang Nai Garvey

Jenny Muang Nai Garvey died of the Covid virus September 15th at 7:41 PM at Des Moines Methodist Hospital. Jenny Muang Nai was the kindest and most warm spirited Mother/NuNu three boys and a husband could ever imagine having. She was a professional interpreter who served her local Chin Community with dedication, devotion, and sacrifice.  Jenny Muang Nai was the eldest of six children from the marriage of Mr. Hau Khaw Zam and Mrs. Tuan Heli from Falam, Chin State, in the Chin Hills of the Country known as Burma/Myanmar. She and her siblings moved to Des Moines in 2009-2013. 

Jenny Muang Nai Garvey is survived by her husband Robert Anthony Garvey, her son Howard Zahre Garvey, Jacob Tuan Garvey, Calan Isaiah Garvey, and five siblings: Ral Za Kap, Mang Ve, San Ceu, Bawi Nun Khim, Cawi Tling, Bawi Run Ceu, Steven Bawi Lian Iang, seven nieces and eight nephews, and many more Family. Going before her was only her Mother/Muang Nu, Mrs. Tuan Hlei. 

In lieu of flowers, the family asks friends to consider a donation to the educational fund for Jenny's children, or the charity of your choice. Checks should be made payable to: Joseph Garvey, Trustee for the Garvey Children‘s Education Fund and mailed to Attention Joe Garvey, 3973 Sendero Dr., Austin, Texas 78735. For more information, please email



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