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Yvonne Barr

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

In Loving Memory of Yvonne Barr

February 29th 1956 – December 25th 2020

Yvonne Barr age 64, Passed away peacefully in the arms of her loving and devoted husband on Dec 25, 2020.

Yvonne was known to everyone as EVE.

Gone from our midst, but never from our hearts as her legacies will remain alive with us

Yvonne Ramotar Singh was the daughter of the late Phillip and Mary Angelina Ramotar Singh of Port Mourant Guyana.

She was the eighth of nine siblings:

· (The late) Raymond Singh of Florida,

· (The late) Rudolph Singh of London England,

· Tyrone Ramotar of Florida,

· Selina Persaud of Canada,

· Desmond Singh of Canada,

· Sherlock Singh of Tennessee USA,

· Myrna Houle of Connecticut USA

· Samuel Singh of Canada.

Yvonne found the light of the Gospel at a tender age and followed it until she breathed her last breath.

Throughout the twists and turns, peaks and valleys of her journey, Eve steadfastly demonstrated what it meant to simply "trust in the lord." Because she viewed God as being altogether sovereign, faithful, wise, and good, even when she could not fathom His plan or His purposes, she knew He could be trusted.

In 1976, Yvonne migrated to Canada where she lived until meeting the love of her life Steven Barr.

The unintentional meeting of Eve and Steve

Steve Barr residing in Des Moines Iowa had made plans to attend an annual fellowship meeting of the Gospel Assembly Church held at a Presbyterian facility on Dufferin Street Toronto Canada. Regardless of a few unexpected challenges along the way, Steve finally made it to his destination. However, due to the trip interruption, he had to dine alone as the day service was already over.

While eating he noticed the diligence of a particular staff member getting the dining room prepared for the next event.

Please note that this observation had nothing to do with Beauty or attraction. Of course, this is what he claimed but to her brothers, it was "Love at first bite".

While eating and despite his many antics to get her attention, dropping the silverware, moving around his chair and coughing, she was not distracted from her assigned duties. WOW! He thought to himself, that this was just a fine young lady.

Quiet Steve became very friendly and polite especially to this one particular person and suddenly developed a liking for the dining room in Toronto.

Something touched his heart that drove him to attend all the following meeting, and it was not just the Holy Spirit. Coincidently, the fine young lady also had a sudden desire of attending all the meetings in Des Moines.

Steve did a bit of investigating and eventually found out that this person was the Pastor's baby sister.

This person was Yvonne whom everyone knew as EVE.

He later found out that Eve was quite aware of his behavior/antics and had no objection whatsoever.

The relationship began with a “hello” and library conversations in Des Moines; thus, with the appropriate blessing, were united in holy matrimony on March 21, 1990.

Eve, you were put on this earth for a special purpose; you influenced the lives of so many not only by your happy and joyful disposition but also by your kind and generous heart. You were unique in your own ways and lived your life triumphantly.

Eve, you loved life, you loved laughter and always wore a SMILE

You were just not an outward splendor of God's creation but demonstrated an internal beauty that captured the hearts of everyone who had the privilege of knowing you.

You were genuinely loved by all.

Even Mickey your puppy could say AMEN to that.

A favorite Poem often recited by Yvonne's Dad

THEY grew in beauty, side by side, They fill'd one home with glee; Their graves are sever'd, far and wide, By mount, and stream, and sea.

The same fond mother bent at night O'er each fair sleeping brow; She had each folded flower in sight, Where are those dreamers now?

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